NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 3D: RE-ANIMATION, the prequel to the 2006 cult hit, wrapped principal photography on locations in Los Angeles in March 2011.  DimensionWerks partner, Andrew Parke, pulled double duty on the film as Director of Photography and Stereographer.  DimensionWerks purchased the Genus Hurricane Stereoscopic Beam-Splitter 3D Rig for the film and NOTLD 3D: RE-ANIMATION is the first feature film in the United States to be filmed in 3D using the new Hurricane rig.  DimensionWerks partner, Jeff Broadstreet, wrote, produced and directed.

NOTLD 3D: RE-ANIMATION stars Andrew Divoff (“Wishmaster”, “Lost”) and Jeffrey Combs (“Re-Animator).  A prequel, the story begins one full day before the zombie outbreak occurs in the 2006 film.  Also starring are Sarah Lieving (“The Dunwich Horror”), Robin Sydney (“The Lost”) and Denice Duff (“Subspecies”) as “Sister Sara”, a Sarah Palin-esque figure who unwittingly walks into the zombie outbreak and meets a fitting end.

“We’re going for a RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD-type tone, deadpan and gory with satirical story elements”, said Broadstreet.  “This is probably the best cast I’ve ever worked with.  Andrew and Jeff Combs had worked together before on FAUST (the 2000 Brian Yuzna film).   They had hung out together in Spain on that film and were eager to work together again.  Andrew Divoff steps into the “Gerald Tovar, Jr.” pyrophobic mortician role on this film and I wrote the younger brother role of “Harold Tovar” for Jeff Combs.  Their scenes together were often very intense and a lot of fun to direct.”

“Technical advances have been made in 3D since we shot the first film in 2005. The 3D in this film is very dynamic and we’re mixing CG elements with on-set practical effects to heighten the 3D zombie effects.”  Screen Media Films is releasing the film worldwide.  The official website is coming soon.

Denice Duff as the “Sister Sara Zombie”

Andrew Divoff discovers a re-animated corpse

Andrew Divoff and Jeffrey Combs at the old Tovar Family home

Combs confronting Divoff about their re-animated father

A behind-the-scenes moment with Andrew Divoff, Robin Sydney and Sarah Lieving in the Mortuary

Camera Operators/3D Rig Technicians:

Dennis Moran (foreground) and Joe Setele

D.P./Stereographer Andrew Parke with Canon XF-305 cameras on The Hurricane Rig.  Shoulder pad is for handholding this rig with counter-weights.

Steadicam Operator John Hankammer with Canon XF-105 Cameras

Andrew Parke with Canon XF-105 cameras on Hurricane Rig mounted on a Monopod

Director Jeff Broadstreet and star Andrew Divoff between takes in front of the 3D camera rig

Canon XF-105 and XF-305 camera pairs were employed on two Hurricane Stereoscopic 3D Rigs for the film

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